Emergency dentistry services for better oral health

It’s evident that if you are suffering from any dental issue, you will get immediate treatment from your family dentist. But if a problem arises after his office hours or on a weekend or a holiday, what is to be done? That’s where the difference comes between a classic dental issue and an issue which needs instant attention.

What do you mean by Dental emergency?

It’s very common for individuals to experience oral pain at any time. Some of the issues can wait while some demands immediate attention so that pain or any severe infection is eliminated. Emergency dental treatments are required for addressing mouth trauma, broken teeth, loosened or broken fillings. Patients cannot easily determine that the immediate attention to their problems needs emergency dental care service.

Here are the following questions were mostly you can identify it’s an emergency or not:
  • If you are suffering from severe pain or bleeding
  • If you have a loose permanent tooth
  • If you are reflecting signs of infection, including fever, bad breath or swelling around the gums and face
  • If you have lost a tooth that could be saved with immediate attempt.
If you experience any of the above situations, get immediate care from any dental care professional.

What is not a dental emergency?

If you have an issue which can wait for one day or two, you cannot call that a dental emergency. In some cases, actually problems are not that critical as patients think. For example, if you have a cracked or chipped tooth that is not hurting you in any way or it doesn’t have sharp fragments that can hurt your mouth, you can wait to meet your dentist during their office hours. Also in cases of toothache, you don’t require immediate attention unless the pain is severe or you have signs of an abscess like bumps on gums, swelling in your face, etc.If a crown or filling is lost, you can wait for some days to see your dentist. In case if you have lost a crown, you can give it a temporary fix by using an over-counter dental cement in place of the crown. In case of filling you can put a sugar-free gum into the cavity for the time being.

What is the importance of emergency dental care?

Immediate oral treatment can help in preserving the teeth and function, while it helps to reduce any risk of severe infections which can lead to any long term issues. Emergency dental care also helps in reducing or eliminating severe pain so that you can continue doing your daily activities. It’s also a brilliant option to conventional emergency rooms that have limited care to offer and is very costly.

Avoid emergency

We all know about the common saying that prevention is better than cure. So, it’s very important that you not only take care of your oral health regularly but also try to prevent infections, injuries and other oral issues. Try to make regular visits to your dentist so that your teeth are in proper condition and any further problems are avoided. If you experience any dental problem, make sure you visit the dentist as soon as possible.

What is the role of Dental Concepts in handling emergency cases?

Dental Concepts provide immediate dental treatment for emergency cases outside their regular office hours. In the case of standard office hours, you can expect to get the same-day appointment with the help of our staff. You can even make a call at our office, where we have a coordinator who will help you in providing some guidance to take care of the issue before the treatment.Patients who need assistance even after the treatment can also make a call or leave a message. Their needs will also be looked into.If you are looking for services of emergency dentistry in Irving, visit us at Dental Concepts and get prompt treatment. We aim to restore the oral health of our patients and give them a healthy and beautiful smile. So, call us today and book your appointment with us.

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