Some busting myths about Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatmentWe hear a lot of things about dental health, dental issues and treatment. Some are facts and some are myths like Invisible braces cause cavities. This is a myth. Invisalign treatment helps you straighten your teeth. Let’s know more about some busting myths:The cavity is caused by only sugarTaking in large quantities of sugar, especially refined one increases the chances of having tooth decay. As the sugary items crash in, it starts nourishing the plaque-generating germs inside your mouth. However, even if you don’t consume sugar with your diet, you have chances of getting cavities if you don’t brush and floss properly. Starchy food can also lead to cavities.Diet drinks are betterThe sugar present in your soft drinks is not the only thing harmful to your teeth. Tartness also can harm your teeth. Even diet free drinks can cause much wear to your teeth and would result in tooth sensitivity, decay or even missing teeth. White teeth are strongEveryone likes white teeth, but even if the appearance of white teeth is appealing, they might not be the full proof or indication that you have healthy teeth. Even if your natural teeth are white, you must visit a doctor and know whether there are any complications with your teeth.Traditional braces are just meant for kidsWe all know that for young kids and teenagers, traditional braces are very common and typical. Nowadays, braces are offered to adults also in a large number. A clear brace is a new invention which can help you straighten your teeth without any complications. Invisalign are also invisible that straightens your teeth and are not responsible for cavities. They don’t attract cavities. If you are looking for Invisalign services, visit us at Dental Concepts and get the best treatment for you and your family members. Contact us today for any further enquiry or booking an appointment with us. 

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