Smile Makeover: Reinvent your smile

Everyone wishes for a perfect smile. Not everyone has a perfect one, but smile makeover can improve the appearance of your smile with the help of one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening treatment, dental implants, veneers, Invisalign, composite bonding, etc. Your smile makeover is designed according to your unique needs. Some of the aspects that a cosmetic dentist considers during your smile makeover to improve it are: Tooth Colour Our teeth colour if dark or discoloured, may show the mouth of an aged person. A beautiful smile has white shining teeth in it. So, tooth colour is an important aspect to be considered during the preparation of procedures like veneers, bonding, implants, etc. A cosmetic dentist will find the correct shade for your teeth.  Alignment and Spacing Everyone doesn’t have perfectly aligned teeth. So with cosmetic procedures like Invisalign and orthodontics, crooked teeth, teeth having gaps in between or overlapping ones can be aligned and straightened. Missing teeth You can lose your teeth at any point of time and missing teeth can lead to tooth decay and negatively affects the way your smile appears. With implants, bridges or dentures, these missing teeth can be replaced. Harmony and Balance You can improve the appearance of your chipped, uneven or cracked teeth with cosmetic procedures and achieve a stunning smile.  Fuller Lips, Smile and cheeks Through smile makeover, you can even improve unshapely ageing face and get a rejuvenated one with oral maxillofacial surgery.  The treatment you are to get depends on your cosmetic dentist. He will evaluate and then give you proper treatment. Once cosmetic procedures are done, it needs proper oral hygiene care and also requires maintenance over time.  If you want a smile makeover at Dental Concepts, we provide the best smile makeover and you can have a stunning smile and greater confidence.

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