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We all have heard about straightening teeth to align the structure of your teeth. However, they are not solely for the improvement of the teeth’s overall appearance. Additional benefits are also attached. Most of us do not want to wear traditional metal braces due to their appearance, discomfort, and sometimes dental pain. We are fortunate to have clear braces that are a very effective solution for straightening teeth. These clear aligners are nearly invisible braces and an efficient alternative to traditional braces.
These braces become the preferred choice for many people as they are easily removable and are invisible to others. The aligners come in a set and each aligner is at a different position that ultimately brings your teeth in the right position. They are made up of clear plastic and match the color of your teeth. The only way people will notice them is if you ask them to look closely. Their discreet appearance doesn’t let the patient feel less confident about themselves wearing braces.
To get started, your teeth measurements and molds will be taken. The data is then sent to the lab to decide your treatment plan. During treatment, the patient will have to change aligners every two weeks. You will experience discomfort just on the first day but you will notice effective results in no time. You can easily remove them while eating or any other activity, but it has to be present in your mouth for about 22 hours a day. These aligners are not fit for kids.
If you are interested in getting clear and invisible braces, visit us at Dental Concepts so you can have an ideal smile. For scheduling an appointment with us, contact us now.

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