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What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a highly engineered titanium post which is placed into the jaw bone in much the same position as a natural tooth root. The implant has an acid etched and sandblaster surface which helps the bone adhere to the implant during the healing process. Approximately two to four months after initial placement, the implant is well healed and is as stable and sturdy as a natural tooth root. At this point, the implant is ready for restoration by a cosmetic or restorative dentist who will place a crown permanently into the implant “root” creating a natural looking, fully functional tooth which appears to be grow naturally from beneath the gum tissue. A Dental Implant is extremely natural looking, durable and has a very good success rate (approximately 90% over 40 years). These attributes have made Dental Implants one of the most sought after treatments for missing teeth.

Are dental implants better than dental bridges?

Modern dental implants have success rates exceeding 95% and have a number of benefits over traditional treatments such as dental bridges. With a bridge, your dentist shaves down teeth next to your missing tooth to create space for the restoration. In addition to removing perfectly good tooth structure, shaving teeth down for a bridge may irritate the nerves of the teeth leading to future root canals. With dental implants, the teeth next to the missing tooth are not touched. This eliminates unnecessary trauma to the adjacent teeth and the possible need for expensive and painful root canals.

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